Experiences, good or bad, from childhood or early adult life can stay with you throughout your whole life. For the most part, those bad experiences don’t really impact on your day to day life. That is, until the day you find yourself in another destructive relationship or feeling invisible and underappreciated at work. The founding fathers of psychotherapy have based psychological theories on how things that happened in your childhood or early adult life impact you in the present. Psychotherapy is can help you deal with your past experiences.

What is Psychotherapy?

Talking about things you remember from your childhood and early adult life with a therapist experienced in psychotherapy, may unravel how those experiences have affected your feelings, thoughts and behaviour. It may begin to explain some of the patterns you repeat over and over again. Talking it through with your therapist will bring understanding of the impact it has had on your life and explore ways to help you manage.

Some of those experiences were distressing and you may not have been able to share them with anyone, you may not have had a voice. You learn how to cope and protect yourself – that may mean that you bury your feelings or even pretend that it never happened. Something later on in life may trigger a feeling or memory that left unresolved may make us feel depressed or useless.

Psychotherapy provides a safe place to share your early experiences and gives you the voice you’ve been denied by telling your story to a therapist who is expert at helping you through the process of getting you to a point where you feel good about yourself.