Session times are 45 minutes for all therapies including Skype.

45 minute sessions: £50

I highly recommend Cecilia to anyone seeking a counsellor. Cecilia has helped me greatly with a number of issues by helping me identify the root cause as well as showing me several different techniques to deal with them. She has an amazing ability to ask exactly the right question that will prompt me to think about my options or about what the core issue is. Together we’ve uncovered some experiences that consciously I had completely forgotten, but which I have realised were key to how I deal with problems. I was nervous about receiving counselling, and concerned that I’d feel silly talking about issues that were important to me but may seem trivial to others. This had put me off seeking help sooner. Cecilia immediately put me at ease and has never made me feel silly or that my issues were trivial, and I wish I had contacted her sooner. I still have some work to do, but Cecilia’s counselling has given me the tools I need to deal with my problems, and things don’t seem insurmountable anymore.CW

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