Counselling is a way of getting the help you need by talking through your problems with a therapist so that you can become aware of how to find the solutions to life’s problems so that you lead a more satisfying life.

What is Counselling?

Your first port of call may be to share your problems with friends or family. They may even have some fabulous advice that could help with your problem. However, much of that ‘advice’ could be attached to unwanted judgment, or maybe you want to keep things private. An independent counsellor or therapist who is objective and non-judgmental and ready to listen to your story is much more desirable than a friend or family member as you won’t need to worry about offending someone close to you if you don’t take their well-intentioned advice.

Of course it goes without saying, that all sessions and everything that is said within those session is absolutely confidential. By listening, your therapist can begin to help you identify your difficulties and help you see things more clearly. With this clarity you can decide what is the best way for you to handle things.

Talking things through with a therapist can help you make sense of your feelings in many areas such as relationships, bereavement, stress, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and anything else that is stopping you from living the life you wish to live.