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Are you feeling like your life has taken a different path than you had imagined for yourself? Are you feeling the need to make changes in your relationships, career or life in general? Most of us struggle from time to time in our daily lives to build healthy relationships, manage stressful situations, handle times that we feel down or anxious, or even finding a fulfilling career. Many times in the past, you may have opened up to family and friends and have had your share of well-intentioned advice that was either helpful or not helpful.

At times in your life, friends and family aren’t enough to help with some of the challenges you may be facing. This is when therapy can help! Making the decision to discuss your problems and issues with a qualified therapist shows strength of character. It shows that you want to take control of your life and with my help, take positive steps forward, work through your challenges, in a safe place, helping you to help yourself.

At You Matter Therapy you are right at the centre of your therapy and together we can find a style of therapy that helps you find your way through the darkest moments of your life.

It is more than just listening, I help you explore your feelings and behaviours, so that you can live your best life.  Here’s how one client described their experience with me:

I got myself into a situation and my friends and family thought I wasn’t handling it in ‘the right way’. They kept telling me what I should be doing and I just lost confidence in myself and became angry with them. I just wanted someone who I could talk to and wouldn’t judge me or tell me what to do. One of my friends suggested I get professional help and recommended Cecilia at You Matter Therapy. She helped me discover what it was that I wanted to do in the situation I was in and helped me find ways to help me deal with my family and friends. I feel like I’m in a better place and much happier with how I handle unexpected things that come my way now.BK


Double award winning Counsellor

The National Hypnotherapy Society

Cecilia Christodoulides

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  • Cecilia Christodoulides MNCS (Acc.), MA IML (Ed), BA Psychology
  • The Romney Centre, 61 The Avenue, Southampton SO17 1XS
  • 07930 214 134